• Holiday Hazards
                   HOLIDAY HAZARDS FOR PETS           As we enjoy the holidays, we must remember that our furry,      four-legged friends may respond differently.   Read more
  • February Is Dental Special Month At Siena Animal Hospital!
    Siena Animal Hospital is ready to get your fur babies’ teeth and gums taken care of.  We offer free dental exams to give you an assessment of what needs to Read more
  • Why You Should Get Fecal Tests Every Year
    My dog G.G. (this is Lynne) had her yearly exam and vaccines a few weeks ago and one of the annual recommendations is a fecal test. She does not go Read more
  • What is an Animal Care Taker?
    An animal care taker is exactly that. They care for all the healthy pets every day that are boarding with us, as well as helping care for the ones that Read more
  • What is a Veterinary Assistant (VA)?
    A veterinary assistant works closely with the licensed veterinary technicians as well as the doctors to get whatever procedure your pet needs done in a timely fashion and making it as stress Read more
  • What is a Customer Service Representative (CSR)?
    A Customer Service Representative has many hats to wear. They are responsible for helping the clients and patients from the first phone call to their arrival at the hospital to the exit Read more
  • What is a Licensed Veterinary Technician (LVT)?
    LVT stands for Licensed Veterinary Technician. LVTs are the registered nurses of the veterinary community. A licensed veterinary technician completes years of school and testing to become licensed by the State Read more
  • Why You Should Microchip Your Pet
    Several months ago, we had a Good Samaritan come in with a little found dog. He had a microchip, so we took him in and contacted Home Again. Amazingly, this dog Read more
  • A Rough Start In a Loving Home
    We recently treated a little mix puppy that grew up in Pahrump, and was adopted by a family here in Vegas. She came home with them one day a couple of Read more
  • Your Dog's Feet on HOT asphalt - please don't!
    Since summer is here with 110 degree or more temperatures, please remember to not walk your dog on hot sidewalks or asphalt, and if you must, please use booties Read more
  • The Importance of Pet Vaccinations
    There is a lot of hype these days about not giving pets vaccines. Admittedly, there are some patients who should not get vaccines. Specifically this refers to those that have Read more
  • New Years Resolutions for You and Your Pet
    Happy New Year and welcome 2016. All of us at Siena Animal Hospital hope this year is as good as or better than the last. This is the Read more
  • Pet Safety During the Holidays
    Tips to keep your pets safe during this holiday season. Read more
  • Animal Rehabilitation
    Human athletes have a team of health professionals who support them before and after an injury. Could dogs benefit from a similar team of experts? Absolutely! Like Read more
  • Effects of Obesity in Pets
    The effects obesity can have on pets and tips to help your pet maintain a healthy weight. Read more
  • Welcome
    As Siena Animal Hospital celebrates its 8 year anniversary this month, we thought we would start our blogs with a brief history lesson. Dr. Susan Keeney and her husband Read more