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Why You Should Get Fecal Tests Every Year

My dog G.G. (this is Lynne) had her yearly exam and vaccines a few weeks ago and one of the annual recommendations is a fecal test.

She does not go to many strange places and never to a public park. She’s pretty much a house dog with a few trips out the doggy door to do her business and bark at a few folks walking by now and then. The couch is her friend.

So when her fecal came up positive for giardia, I was surprised. There is no way to truly know how she picked it up, but there it was. The other dog in the house tested positive for exposure, but not infection. And more importantly, giardia is contagious to humans. A very serious fact to remember.

The moral to this story is to make sure you get your pet’s fecals checked every year! It’s essential to their health, and ours.