Exceptional Customer and Pet Care
Siena Animal Hospital's attention to you and your pets' comfort starts in the parking lot with a convenient location and extra wide spaces. After entering our facility we are happy to provide a smile, great care, lots of scratches for your pet, and a hug for you if needed. To save yourself some time when you first come to visit us, please feel free to register your pet in advance by completing and submitting our new client form located in the "Online Forms" tab.

Complete Physical Exams
Whether your pet is coming in for routine vaccines, surgery, dental, or illness. they will receive a full exam by a Doctor with each visit. It is important to make sure nothing is missed for your pet's long-term health and also helps us maintain our high-standards of care.

Preventive: We firmly believe that "An ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure" and we recommend procedures based on this philosophy. We encourage safe and educated use of vaccines and annual fecal testing for intestinal parasites.
Bloodwork: We recommend annual blood screening for all pets, especially those over 7 years old, to detect disease early and prevent more serious problems. Remember, an annual test for your pet is equivalent to you being tested only every 7-10 years
Illness/ Emergency (Day Time): While we hope your pet never experiences a major illness or injury, you can feel confident that our hospital has everything needed to treat your pet in a crisis situation.

If your pet ever needs extended medical care, we have designed our hospital with warmer, quieter, non-steel ‘housing’ to keep your pet more comfortable during their stay. Your pet will always be supplied with warm, clean blankets in their temporary home as well.

Intensive Care
Siena Animal Hospital has a high-tech monitoring system for use with critical patients. We have oxygen supplementation, ECG, blood pressure monitoring, and other supportive care to make sure we know what's happening with your pet at all times.


We know that putting your pet through surgery, no matter how routine, can be quite stressful on both you and your pet. However, you can be assured we use no short-cuts in your pet’s surgical procedure here at Siena Animal Hospital. We include preoperative blood screening and IV catheters in all anesthetic procedures in order to minimize risk. In addition, we use only the safest anesthetics (sevoflurane and propofol, depending on age, medical condition, and procedure) to provide the quickest and most comfortable recovery for your pets.

  • Emergency Soft Tissue
  • If your pet is ever in need of a C-section, removal of an infected uterus (pyometra), correcting a 'flipped' stomach, removing abdominal tumors or foreign bodies in the stomach or intestines, Dr. Keeney has many hours of surgical experience correcting these and other problems.

Siena Animal Hospital is happy to have a fully equipped dental station here at our hospital. We have all the tools and experience necessary to make sure your pet not only has an aesthetically pleasing smile, but also a healthy mouth to help prolong your pet's life.

Digital Imaging
Digital Radiology The speed and detail of these high-tech X-rays are extremely convenient for you, your pet, and for us as we diagnose your pet's condition. It also allows us to put your pet's X-ray images on a CD for you to review at home, for consultation or referral to specialists, or for a second opinion.

X-ray imaging is often needed in order to determine your pet’s disorder. The number of views that need to be taken is difficult to predict since abnormalities on one file may necessitate additional films in order to better define the problem and determine the appropriate treatment.

Because animals do not lie perfectly still on the x-ray table, sedation or general anesthesia is occasionally required in order to get the most accurate pictures.

The estimated costs of x-rays include the reading of the films by one of our staff doctors.

Digital Ultrasound uses ultrasound (high-frequency sound waves) to visualize soft tissue structures in the body in real time. Because ultrasound does not utilize ionizing radiation, it is used in obstetrics to verify pregnancy. Ultrasound is also used to check for kidney and bladder stones and other problems occurring in the abdomen.

Luxury Boarding
Dogs are kept in runs and cages appropriate for their size with clean, soft bedding and beds in their runs. Boarding dogs are given off-leash play time at least 4 times daily in a fully-enclosed yard with supervision. In addition, they have shade complete with misters during the summer months and lots of play time. They can play ball and get plenty of exercise so that they are not stuck in a cage or run all day.

Cats board in their individual cat condos and are allowed to explore and look outside through strategically placed windows in our enclosed common cat area. Our cat boarding is located away from dogs and dog noise to create a more pleasant boarding experience.

Exotic Pets and Birds are housed in our treatment area where they can get plenty of attention from our staff all day long.

The ultimate in pet identification -- safe, permanent, reliable proof of ownership. We offer HomeAgain microchips that include the chip and life-time registration for only $55. Additional membership benefits for an annual fee can be obtained directly through HomeAgain. Regardless of your pet's microchip status, you should keep a collar/harness with identification on at all times. We see pets every month lost with no identification, making it almost impossible to find their way 'HomeAgain.'

Siena offers both an in-house and online pharmacy to conveniently provide you with your pets medications. If necessary, we can write prescriptions for other pharmacies as well. We encourage you to use email [email protected] to request refills; however a phone call will work also. Because we care about your pets, certain medications require regular blood screening to monitor internal organ function and/or response to therapy.

Prescription Diets

Just like medications, diets play a very important role in your pet’s health. It may be as simple as your pet losing weight, or it may be that we prescribe diets to help manage more serious diseases such as diabetes, liver disease, heart disease, and so on. We provide Royal Canin and Purina in our hospital and Science Diet products can be ordered through our online pharmacy link above. We are also happy to special order foods if needed.