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What is a Customer Service Representative (CSR)?

A Customer Service Representative has many hats to wear. They are responsible for helping the clients and patients from the first phone call to their arrival at the hospital to the exit out the door.

They schedule appointments, surgeries, baths, boarding and everything in between. They assist in getting the clients their prescription medication and food refills. Sometimes, they offer TLC and a shoulder to lean on, and yes, sometimes, to cry on. They are an integral part of the relationship between doctor and client when the doctor is momentarily unable to come to the phone or the lobby.

They are also responsible for organizing a lot of paperwork, from patient check in sheets to finalizing invoices and payments and giving proper documentation to the owner for their fur kids, as well as seeking medical and vaccine records for brand new patients or sending off ones that have moved to other hospitals or have moved out of state.

In short, the CSRs do everything possible to make a visit to the hospital a little less stressful. Please know that our CSRs Melody, Isabel and Lynne want to make your time here as fun and productive as it can be.