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What is a Licensed Veterinary Technician (LVT)?

LVT stands for Licensed Veterinary Technician. LVTs are the registered nurses of the veterinary community. A licensed veterinary technician completes years of school and testing to become licensed by the State of Nevada. They are responsible for assisting with all types of surgeries, dental procedures with or without extractions, spays and neuters, and far more complex surgeries. They are also responsible for placing the catheters that the doctors use for anesthesia, as well as monitoring heart rate and breathing, gum color to help the doctor make the surgery go smoothly. They are the direct caretakers of the pets, the DVM’s “right hand man”, the liason between the DVM and the client.

They help prepare and explain the medications that go home with your fur friend, as well as the ones administered while he/she is here in the hospital. They are typically the first person to meet your pet in the exam room and report their findings to the doctor.

Thank you, licensed veterinary technicians, for all your hard work and loving care! We are happy to introduce Gina and Abby, the LVTs that Siena Animal Hospital is proud to have!