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Why You Should Microchip Your Pet

Several months ago, we had a Good Samaritan come in with a little found dog. He had a microchip, so we took him in and contacted Home Again. Amazingly, this dog had been stolen from his home five years ago in Texas. Through Home Again (a microchip manufacturer and registration service), he was sent home to his original owner after being gone all that time. It even made the Dallas Morning News, the main paper in the DFW area.

Some folks say that their pets are never out on their own and do not need microchips. And hopefully, that is true. However, there are occasional escapes or episodes where a microchip comes in handy. We hope you never need that microchip, ever. But if you need it only once, then it was well worth getting.

A microchip is a small unit that will be implanted under the skin of your pet with a larger gauge needle. It can be done at any age. The scanner reads the microchip's bar code through the skin. As long as your information is current with the microchip company, your fur kid will be home soon!

Just please remember, more pets with microchips are going to find their home than those without them. We offer free scanning to see if your pet has a chip or not.