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What is an Animal Care Taker?

An animal care taker is exactly that. They care for all the healthy pets every day that are boarding with us, as well as helping care for the ones that are here for hospitalization.

Every morning at 5am, they arrive and start letting the dogs out individually in the big back yard for potty breaks and a little fresh air. If it’s really hot, the misters are on so that a little more cooling comfort is provided. Toys are in abundance and plenty of bushes for smelling and other things. Our dogs are let out every couple of hours to go run around outside and relieve themselves. The last care taker leaves at 9pm each day.

They are also responsible for fresh water and feeding everyone. Feeding happens twice a day, or as the pets’ owners’ request. We do our absolute best to treat them as our own, and petting and reassuring are also part of the job.

So the next time you board your pets here, remember that their happiness is our care takers’ priority.

Thank you, Mario, Haley and Ashley, our loving and hardworking animal care takers!